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Potential Benefits of this Product

  • Schools and teachers can be assured of the content correctness and alignment to national standards and curriculum across grade ranges.
  • The content and activities support the development of the math skills recommended by the NEP (2020) for the intended learners.
  • The use of  real-life examples and objects that are relevant to the content as well as relatable to the learners, helps establish the connection between their own lives and mathematical concepts. It could also aid in developing a positive attitude towards the subject.
  • The product uses visualisations in the form of images, diagrams and animations suitable for the content, thus enhancing the learning experience.
  • Through their conversational presentation style and appropriate highlighting, the videos and animations are likely to promote learners’ cognitive engagement.
  • The product adheres to user-centered design making it easy for learners to use.
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Potential Limitations of this Product

  • Due to the lack of explicit scaffolds or hints in many activities, some learners might struggle while working independently.
  • The feedback quality in the assessment is lacking, as it provides only binary feedback (Correct / Wrong) and the correct answer but does not provide any explanation or steps to obtain the correct answer.
  • The lack of group activities or prompts might lead to low participation and collaboration amongst students.
  • Basic features such as captions, transcripts are missing that can pose a barrier for learners with diverse needs.

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