The demand and supply of EdTech products in India has surged post-Covid 19. At the same time stakeholders in the EdTech ecosystem face key challenges in making adoption decisions due to inadequate quality standards and lack of unbiased reliable product evaluations.


Consequently, design of EdTech and its adoption is expensive and inefficient and found lacking with respect to impact on learning. In such a scenario, stakeholders such as schools, teachers, parents, governments, philanthropists, and investors feel the need for a systematic quality evaluation framework of EdTech products to make informed decisions.


Product companies also feel the need for EdTech quality benchmarks that enable them to build better quality solutions. The EdTech Tulna was conceived to answer these needs and improve the EdTech demand and supply ecosystem.

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EdTech Tulna has been created out of a partnership between the Educational Technology department at IIT Bombay and the Central Square Foundation. The team members have expertise in Research in Educational Technology, Learning Sciences, Human-Computer Interaction, and Discipline-based Education Research. Members have teaching experience at school and college levels, expertise in using EdTech, instructional design, and research-based pedagogies in classroom and online settings. The team’s experience includes working with the Indian government at central and state levels, educational policy and advocacy, and building and scaling EdTech products for the low income segment.

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Disclaimer: EdTech Tulna standards are made available at varying levels of depth to guide different contexts of decision making. It is advisable to reach out to the Tulna team to request the appropriate tools (evaluator rubrics, training support etc) to guide the effective use of Tulna frameworks and standards to support your decision-making process.