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Potential Benefits of this Product

Learners will likely be able to:

  • Use the product as a supplementary resource as content is accurate and aligned with the NCERT curriculum
  • Build understanding of key concepts as the quality of feedback and scaffolding is extensive
  • Plan their learning process with the help of course challenges offered at the beginning that highlight their strengths and weaknesses in the topic
  • Engage in the learning process as the product has a comprehensive set of motivational features and it follows a positive tone throughout
  • Adopt the product easily due to its intuitive interface


Teachers will likely be able to:

  • Integrate the product in their class to identify the learning needs of different students and support them
  • Use the videos and practice exercises provided by this product in flipped classroom settings. This product may help integrate out-of- class and in-class learning.
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Potential Limitations of this Product

  • Face difficulty in understanding the accent and tone of the videos, especially learners from backgrounds that are not highly exposed to the English language in their day to day lives
  • Feel disconnected from the content due to a lack of sufficient real-life context and scenarios.
  • Experience difficulty building connections across multiple concepts due to the lack of experimentation, interactive activities, or mathematical tools for problem-solving.

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