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Potential Benefits of this Product

  • Students, teachers and parents can be assured of the correctness of the content and all the learning activities.
  • Schools can be assured of the alignment of the content with the national curriculum, and can use it for core teaching purposes.
  • The product will help learners make connections between Mathematics and the real world, as the content uses a wide variety of concrete real world examples.
  • Learners are likely to stay engaged during the learning process due to the use of personalization and excellent highlighting in the product.
  • Learners can be assigned content to watch and learn independently. They would be able to understand due to the simple vocabulary and easy language used.
  • The adoption and learning curve for the teachers and students would be likely smooth due to the intuitive nature of the interface.
  • A clear mapping between the content videos and the practice tests helps learners to test their understanding of the concepts.
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Potential Limitations of this Product

The effectiveness of the learning experience may be negatively impacted in the following ways:

  • Due to insufficient explicit scaffolds, hints or detailed explanations in many practice tests, the struggling learners might get stuck while working independently.
  • The lack of any Interactivity features and mathematical problem solving tools might make it difficult for learners to have a clear understanding of certain concepts, as well as effective development of problem solving skills.
  • The lack of group activities or prompts might lead to low encouragement from the teacher for collaboration among the learners.
  • The lack of some key Universal Design features might make the product unsuitable for some learners.

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