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Potential Benefits of this Product

  • Learners will likely be able to develop correct mathematical concepts which will help them to solve various types of questions from mathematics.
  • Learners will likely be able to self learn mathematics and also may proceed to solve challenging questions as their misconceptions are thoroughly addressed
  • Teachers will likely use HeyMath! content for classroom teaching as it is well chunked with hands-on activities and a large number of practice questions for chosen topics.
  • Teachers will likely use the HeyMath! product in the classroom since it is aligned with national standards and most of the units/topics/chapters are as per NCERT books and it covers Maths skills recommended by NEP 2020.
  • Teachers can track class performance and even individual learner’s learning progress. Thus they will likely use the product to create and assign homework for learners.
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Potential Limitations of this Product

Learners will likely face the following issues:

  • Learners may get disengaged or drop out from content due to lack of conversational style in presentation, lack of sufficient scaffolding, and unfamiliarity with accent and context.
  • Learners may be frustrated as no hints are available while solving assignments.
  • Teachers may get stuck with products since there is no guidance for in-class components such as lesson plans.
  • This product mostly caters to foreign students as some of the examples were not relatable to the Indian context.

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