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Potential Benefits of this Product

Schools and teachers can be assured of the correctness of the content and all the learning activities. They can use the product for in-class teaching and assign independent tests or activities to the students.

  • Teachers will likely be able to use this product in their classrooms as the content and assessments provided are accurate and aligned to the national curriculum.
  • Teachers can track class performance as well as individual learners’ progress. Thus they will likely use the product to create and assign homework for learners.
  • The learners can engage in active learning due to the product’s constructivist approach embedded within its videos and activities and appropriate animations and simulations provided in topics. Such active learning might help build a solid conceptual understanding amongst students.
  • The product is likely to provide an enhanced learning experience through its diverse real- life scenarios across various contexts and the use of appropriate visual and verbal cues.
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Potential Limitations of this Product

Learners will likely face the following issues:

The design of the product may lead to the following limitations in the teaching-learning experience using this product.

  • Teachers may get stuck since there is no guidance for in-class components such as lesson plans.
  • The learners might find some of the content challenging due to foreign accents and some examples that might not be relatable to Indian learners.
  • The learners might struggle while solving assignments and homework due to the lack of explicit scaffolds or hints in some activities.
  • The lack of group activities or prompts might lead to low participation and collaboration amongst students.

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