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Potential Benefits of this Product

  • Learners can be completely assured about the correctness of all the content, and learn independently as much as possible.
  • Learners will be engaged as the content videos have an interesting story for all topics.
  • Learners will be able to relate to the content, especially the content videos very well embeds the real world context for each topic. Learners will be able to construct their own understanding of the topic.
  • Adaptivity in the knowledge check section enhances the learner experience and the hints allow them to figure out how to solve the questions on their own.
  • The product has a high potential to be used by teachers effectively to identify learning needs of different students and support them appropriately.
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Potential Limitations of this Product

  • The design of the interface is not very intuitive for any new learners or institutions to adopt the product. Glitches in the interface makes it difficult for the learners to navigate through the content.
  • Learners might find it difficult to stay motivated through their learning experience as the system does not cater to motivate them. Content videos have some elements of motivation, but the practice section completely lacks effort to motivate the student.
  • Binary feedback In the practice section does not allow the learner to correct their understanding of the concept as they solve. There is a lack of scaffolding and detailed feedback to build the correct conceptual understanding.
  • The lack of experimentation, interactive activities or mathematical tools for problem solving make the product less effective in helping learners make meaning of the content and explore various possibilities on their own. This might lead to a good fluency in procedural mathematical skills while missing out on deeper connections and conceptual understanding to some extent.

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