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Potential Benefits of this Product

  • Since most of the content is completely accurate, the product can be used by learners independent of a teacher to learn different concepts.
  • The product will be relatable for the Indian learners due to the good representation of different sections of the society in terms of gender, color, religion and socio-economic settings.
  • The learners will be likely engaged due to the highly conversational and real life scenario based approach in many of the topics.
  • There is a good mix of questions at various difficulty levels, which help to keep the content meaningful for learners who are at different levels.
  • The adaptive nature of the product creates different learning paths to support learners who might be at different levels.
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Potential Limitations of this Product

  • For struggling learners, the absence of feedback and explanations for the questions will make it difficult to proceed and build a good understanding of the concept. The lack of proper hints or support make it difficult for learners to come out of a stuck situation.
  • The pedagogy in the assessment questions isn’t very suitable for this age group. Elements of play and activity are suggested by the NEP guidelines, which  are missing.
  • The long sentences used in the assessment questions, and also the lack of a voiceover, might come as a hindrance for the learners in understanding the questions.
  • The inability to navigate and access content in the desired way might affect the motivation and the learning experience of learners.
  • The lack of an actionable dashboard would likely lead to a limited usability for the teachers.

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