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Potential Benefits of this Product

Learners will likely be able to:

  • Construct their own understanding of Math concepts via activities that encourage practice, exploration and interaction. These activities meaningfully integrate mathematical concepts with game goals.
  • Stay engaged as the activities are short, and involve real-life scenarios and relevant contexts .
  • Assess their level of understanding through the gamified challenge mode.
  • Easily use the product as it adheres to user-centered design. The visualizations used are suitable for the content that is likely to enhance the learning experience for the learner.
  • Explore new activities every day through daily quizzes, which are from diverse topics.

Teachers will likely be able to:

  • Demonstrate the activities to the children in the class.
  • Instruct students to practice the activities based on the concepts taught in the class.
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Potential Limitations of this Product

Learners will likely face the following issues:

  • Basic features such as textual prompts in captions and transcripts are missing making it inaccessible to learners with special needs.
  • Absence of explicit hints may hinder learners from coming out of stuck situations.
  • Games in the daily quizzes and challenges are not segregated according to grade. A second-grade learner can get a fourth-grade daily challenge.
  • There is no scope for social interaction, which is an important aspect of game-based learning. The product lacks standard features of game-based learning such as leaderboards, competitions (synchronous or asynchronous), team play. Hence opportunities to collaboratively build knowledge, seek help and provide peer feedback are limited.
  • The interface design does not facilitate error handling and reversal of actions.

Teachers will likely face the following issues:

  • The product does not support any dashboard for teachers. The absence of Teacher support features could hamper the effective integration of the product into the teaching-learning process.

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